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Exwire is a telecommunications and data services company located in Truckee, California serving the greater Lake Tahoe-Truckee area. Exwire was launched in 2002 and has grown to cover the major communities of the north and west shore, the 89 corridor and the summit. For commercial enterprises, such as ski areas, hotels, cafes and conference centers, we provide Internet services to guests and patrons who have Wi-Fi 802.11 enabled laptops, PDAs and cell phones.

Exwire uses advanced wireless and wireline technologies to deliver reliable, secure broadband Internet, data and voice service primarily to non-urban markets. By using carrier-grade RF technology on unlicensed frequencies, we create highly secure networks to bring Internet connectivity and innovative networking and data services to markets that are under-served at competitive prices. Our products include last mile "wired" telecommunications services that deliver home and business phone service (without the local phone company's wires), home and business high-speed Internet connectivity, comprehensive hotspot network coverage ("Hotnets") and corporate data solutions including VPNs, T1s and Campus WIreless.

Exwire is also changing the way people work and surf the Internet in their communities. In the Lake Tahoe area, Exwire has implemented a program called CommunityConnect, a ubiquitous Wi-Fi hotspot network where Exwire customers can easily access the Internet from cafes, ski resorts and other convenient public locations throughout Truckee and Lake Tahoe with Wi-Fi 802.11 enabled devices.

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