Exwire Broadband Comes to Auburn, California

"There's gold in them hills!"

You know that searching for reliable broadband and high speed internet these days may be as hard as finding gold in the hills, but not with Exwire. Exwire specializes in providing high speed internet service to rural and underserved communities like Auburn. Exwire is the solution to all your broadband needs.

What can Exwire bring you? Faster and more reliable internet service. You will be able to surf the net with incredible speed. Now imagine, no more waiting for your movies to download or wasting time as your favorite music and videos are buffering. You'll get to play your online games without interruption or waiting for your programs to download. You will be amazed as to how quickly you'll be able to complete your purchases online over our secure network.

How does Exwire do this? Exwire uses advanced wireless technology to bring you the fastest internet service. Now you can experience quality high speed internet for your home and business and you won't even need a phone line or dial-up ISP.

The days of the gold rush may be gone in Auburn, but finding reliable high speed internet service is as easy as connecting to Exwire. So, stake your claim on ultra-fast high speed internet in the Northern California area. Exwire is here to solve all your broadband and high speed internet needs.

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Speeds of over 10mb/sec – available mostly to places you never heard of – and your home.

One Provider – Everything your business needs: Broadband, Email/web hosting, PC Support, Accept Visa, Phone Systems and lines.

Why is Exwire Better than DSL, Satellite or 3g/4g?