Commercial Service

Exwire specializes in creating wireless solutions for hotels, restaurants, resorts, condominiums, villages, malls, plazas, any public or private spaces where employees and patrons want to be connected. As your patrons use Wi-Fi enabled laptops, PDAs and mobile phones anywhere to connect to the Internet, Exwire can help you stay on the cutting edge of mobile computing and technology. We provide you with a profit producing high-speed Internet Wi-Fi network and billing system to offer connectivity to patrons and roaming guests from other networks.

Exwire’s commercial technology includes comprehensive high-speed Internet pay-as-you-go solutions, wireless networking and Wi-Fi "hotspot" implementation and management for resorts, hotels, conference centers, restaurants, ski resorts, park districts and other open space and recreational venues. We create Wi-Fi "hot zones" and digital lounges for employee, patron and public use by using our combined wired/wireless solutions. In addition, we also manage all service, support, billing and upgrading functions, web hosting, including high-speed bandwidth at competitive prices, starting with T1 capacity.

Contact us for more information and examples of how hospitality enterprises can improve occupancy rates, customer experience and loyalty, while adding significantly to their bottom line. Exwire is a member of Tahoelink -- connecting hospitality, conference and foodservice establishments all around the lake.

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Speeds of over 10mb/sec – available mostly to places you never heard of – and your home.

One Provider – Everything your business needs: Broadband, Email/web hosting, PC Support, Accept Visa, Phone Systems and lines.

Why is Exwire Better than DSL, Satellite or 3g/4g?