Exwire Business T1/Wireless Dedicated Bandwidth Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement ("SLA") includes the following performance parameters for the Exwire Business T1/Wireless Dedicated Bandwidth Service:

Installation Interval
Exwire's target Installation Interval is 30 calendar days from the day the order is placed until the day the Field Service Technician is dispatched to install the line. This calculation does not include
(i) any period that Exwire waits for a response or action from you, (ii) any period that Exwire waits to install the line due to your failure to respond, lack of access to your facilities or change of requested installation date, or (iii) any period resulting in Force Majeure Events. "Force Majeure" means mean a cause outside a party's reasonable control including, without limitation, acts of God, acts of war, revolution, riots, civil commotion, acts of a public enemy, terrorism, embargo, acts of government in its sovereign capacity, work stoppages, strikes, lockouts, labor disputes, fire, earthquakes, floods or other natural disasters, or (iv) any service that requires us to work with upstream providers to provide. If this Installation Interval target is not met, Exwire will provide the first month of Business T1/Wireless Dedicated Bandwidth Service at no charge.

This Service Level Agreement becomes effective upon initial confirmation of traffic passing from your router to the Exwire network.

An Exwire Business T1/Wireless Dedicated Bandwidth circuit will be successfully provisioned if the maximum throughput is 80% of the ordered service. If the Field Service Technician is unable to successfully provide a circuit with the ordered service, you will be offered the maximum available throughput rate and corresponding service.

Network Availability
Exwire's target for Network Availability is 99.99%. Network Availability is defined as the percentage of minutes in a calendar month a customer circuit did not experience a service outage in that month.

The availability target does not account for scheduled outages on Exwire's Network or events outside of Exwire's control, including, but not limited to, Force Majeure events or your equipment outages. Network downtime is calculated commencing with the date and time on which you contact Exwire and a trouble ticket is opened, and ending upon confirmation from Exwire that the network is restored.

If Exwire does not meet Network Availability target for a particular month, Exwire will provide a credit to you based on the amount of downtime experienced. Each hour of downtime constitutes an hour of credit. Downtime in excess of 5 hours in one day will be considered an entire day. Credit is calculated based on the monthly recurring fee and a 30 day month.

Mean Response Time
In the event that a trouble ticket is required, the Mean Time To Repair ("MTTR") is targeted at 2.5 hours. Exwire will provide updates to you at least once daily on each open issue. Each issue will be handled separately and will not be combined with another open issue unless related to the open issue.

Severe and Chronic Problems
You are experiencing a "Severe Problem" if the aggregate Service Outage time experienced is in excess of 24 hours in any calendar month. If a subsequent Severe Problem occurs within one calendar month following the calendar month in which you experienced a Severe Problem, it will be considered a "Chronic Problem".

Upon verification of a Chronic Problem, you may request that Exwire disconnect the circuit and any applicable early termination fees will be waived.

Customer Premise Equipment Warranty
If you purchased Customer Premise Equipment directly from Exwire, Exwire will assign, to the extent permitted, the manufacturer's warranty of at least one (1) year. In the event that the equipment is determined to be faulty within the applicable warranty period, Exwire will dispatch a Field Service Technician ("FST") to your premises to configure and install the replacement equipment within 5 business days of Exwire's determination that such premise equipment requires replacement.

If an FST is dispatched to support a warranty replacement and it is determined that the equipment is not faulty and the problem does not fall under the manufacturer's warranty, then you will be charged any applicable service order charges for the FST dispatch as set forth in the Schedule of Services. This warranty does not apply to the equipment or service problems caused by your equipment configuration changes done after the initial installation of your premise equipment.

After one year, repair and replacement of your premise equipment becomes your responsibility.

Credit Availability
You are responsible for identifing and requesting all valid SLA claims and corresponding credits. To be eligible for service credits, you must first report outage, delay or delivery events to Exwire's Technical Support call centers and a trouble ticket must be opened. Please request a ticket number from the Exwire representative. Exwire will notify you of its resolution of the reported outage. You must claim any applicable service credits by calling Exwire Business Access Customer Service at (530) 820 1030 within 15 calendar days of the notice of resolution of the reported incident. In the event that two or more credits are simultaneously claimed, a credit will be applied toward the single claim resulting in the largest credit. Exwire will apply any service credits to your next monthly invoice.

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