Security Software Information

With a high-speed always-on connection to the internet, online threats have a greater chance of affecting your computer. Exwire has located the following software to help you fight viruses, spyware, pop-ups, and hackers. Exwire doesn't support any of this software but has organized our favorites to make it easy for Exwire customers to protect their PCs. Better supported versions are also available for a fee on Click "more info" to bring up a pop-up describing the program or click the name of the product and go straight to where you can get all of the programs for free. Don't forget to download updates periodically to ensure your software and subscriptions stay up to date.


AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition
Protect your computer from viruses and malicious programs.


Spybot - Search & Destroy
Search your hard disk and Registry for threats to your security and privacy.

Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition
Scan your system for ad-supported software components and remove them.


Protect your Internet connection from hackers and other security breaches.

spam blocker

Filter spam from your Outlook and Outlook Express Inbox.

Pop-Up Blocker

Pop-Up Stopper Free Edition
Eliminate pop-up windows without adjusting proxy settings.

Parental Control

The Family Browser
Protect, filter, and record your family's Internet usage.

NetVeda Safety.Net
Protect your computer or network and provide content filtering.

Ghost Keylogger
Monitor keystrokes on your computer and have the information privately sent to your e-mail address.

Please note Exwire is not responsible to any harm that may come to your computer by using any software featured on this page. Please read the Terms and Conditions of using each piece of software before downloading.

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