Internet Based Video Surveillance From Exwire

Exwire is pleased to announce the ability to monitor your home with state of the art video surveillance services from Connexed Technologies. The Connexed Video Surveillance system will allow you to not only look in on your house anytime you like, but also allow you to watch recorded video of your house from any computer in the world. Most importantly, however, you can take a glance at a graph and see when there was motion at your home:

This way you can see at a glance when people are in your house, and with a click of a mouse you can see what they are doing. Ever wonder who's using your second home when you're not in it? Now you can know.

Also, the Connexed Video Surveillance system records all of the surveillance recordings offsite. That way if someone were to break in and steal your computers, the recordings of them doing so would be safely offsite - and they would get caught on camera. Also, if the system is disconnected for any reason, you get an e-mail right away letting you know the system has been tampered with -- protecting against the "inside job". The Connexed services are available at a very reasonable monthly cost, and the upfront hardware and installation charges are some of the lowest in the industry. The Exwire team that you already know and trust will handle the installation and support.

Contact Exwire or Connexed today for more information on how to select the right cameras for your application and get signed up today.

Speeds of over 10mb/sec – available mostly to places you never heard of – and your home.

One Provider – Everything your business needs: Broadband, Email/web hosting, PC Support, Accept Visa, Phone Systems and lines.

Why is Exwire Better than DSL, Satellite or 3g/4g?